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Please read the following terms and conditions including our cancellation policy before registering for your course.

Purchase Policy

Our goal at Eastman Safety Training Centre is to make your course registration experience easy, efficient and equitable, so you can get your training as quickly as possible. The following policies are designed to ensure your satisfaction and understanding of our registration process. If you have any questions about the information below, please contact us prior to registering.

Before completing your registration, carefully review the details for the course you have selected. Please make sure that you have selected the course you require on the correct date. Mistakes are not easily rectified after the sale has been confirmed.

If you are receiving a course confirmation by email, it is possible that the confirmation email may be lost or filtered by an anti-spam program. If you have not received your confirmation email within 24 hours of your registration, it is your responsibility to contact us to confirm your arrangements.

Refunds are not issued for non-attendance (no-shows).

Payment Methods

Eastman Safety Training Centre Inc. offers a quick and easy self-registration system online which accepts all forms of credit cards and some Visa Debit cards. We do not accept registrations over the phone, and rarely in person. If you must make alternate payment arrangements (e-transfer, PayPal, debit or cash), please contact us at Please note: your spot cannot be guaranteed without payment.

NSF Cheques (Cheques are only accepted from businesses - no personal cheques allowed)

There is a $50 admin fee for all NSF/returned cheques

Misuse of Promo Codes

We reserve the right to cancel without refund, any course that has a promo code misused when registering. We will do our best to contact you to rectify the issue by email and/or text message (balance will be due by a set time and date), however if you make no effort to contact us on the matter, or do not pay your balance by the due date your spot will be cancelled without refund. No exceptions!

General Course Policy

Eastman Safety Training Centre reserves the right to dismiss any student from a class for disruptive or inappropriate behavior. Students who are disruptive or exhibit inappropriate behavior will be removed from class and no refund or credit will be issued.

All courses have maximum registration limitations based on regulatory requirements and space. All registrations are taken based on a first registered & paid, first served basis.

No Pressure Policy:

At Eastman Safety Training Centre, we have a “no pressure” policy in which candidates are eligible to re-take any first aid course at no extra cost if they do not successfully complete the course the first time. We understand that people learn at different speeds and in a variety of different ways. We reserve the right to refuse multiple attempts should we feel that the returning student is deliberately re-taking the course with malicious intents or are taking advantage of the No-Pressure Policy. This policy does not apply to any other classes unless otherwise specified.

Cancellation Policy

Once an individual has registered for a course, a spot is reserved for that individual. Class sizes are very limited so we therefore employ a STRICT cancellation policy regarding refund or transfer of course fees. Eastman Safety Training Centre requires a minimum of 7 days notice if you will not be attending a scheduled course for which you are registered. If sufficient advance notice is provided, ESTC will refund 100% of the course fee paid. If notice is not provided 7 days in advance no refunds will be issued. Participants wishing to reschedule have the option to apply their fee as a credit against a subsequent ESTC training course within 3 months of the date of the canceled course (*see below update for CFSC, CRFSC and Hunter Ed courses). We will do our best to accommodate you in an upcoming class as soon as possible.  

UPDATE April 6th, 2016: ** Due to increased demand and limited class sizes, the CFSC, Hunter Education and CRFSC require a minimum of 14 days notice should you require a cancellation or date transfer. No refunds will be given if attempting to withdraw or transfer from the course within 14 days of the start of the course.**

Some courses have a required minimum number of participants. If ESTC must reschedule a course for this or any other reason, ESTC will reschedule the course as soon as possible but participants will be given the option for a refund or no-penalty course transfer.

In any case where books and/or materials are provided in advance; as soon the materials have been received by the student there is no refund.

Refunds and course transfers will not be considered on the day of any course or for non-attendance (no-show) to a course.

The financial obligations of our programs are fixed for the year and the withdrawal of a participant does not lessen operating expenses.

ALWAYS double check your start time & date of class, as reminders are not always sent out after registration. You will not receive a refund if you miss or forget about your class. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR PROGRAM, PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY!

Cancelled or Postponed Events

Occasionally, courses are cancelled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions or situations affecting the instructor or low-enrollment. We will strive to send out notification of any changes at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start of the course, however, sometimes poor weather conditions or severe illness only present shortly before a course and we will ensure to send out notification of cancellations under these circumstances no less than 2 hours before the course start. When this occurs, Eastman Safety Training Centre will make every effort to ensure that you receive a prompt refund or you have the option of attending a make-up class. Eastman Safety Training Centre assumes no liability for cancellation of courses for any reason. Any ancillary costs related to the student taking a class (including but not limited to: airfare, travel, hotel, per-diem, mileage, lost employee wages or salary) are the responsibility of the student and/or the employer. If a class is cancelled, Eastman Safety Training Centre’s liability is limited to the amount of the registration fee ONLY. It is suggested that, prior to making any travel reservations, you contact us to confirm if a class has sufficient enrollment or will be running as scheduled if severe weather is to be expected. If a course is cancelled, please contact us for information on receiving a refund. Please make sure to include/provide your transaction confirmation number so we can expedite your refund if applicable.

Privacy Policy

Eastman Safety Training Centre Inc.(ESTC Inc.) acknowledges the importance of maintaining the security of your personal information which may be collected by ESTC Inc.through this website and other sources, such as mail and e-mail correspondence. No information will be disclosed to a third party without your consent, unless we are required to do so by operation of law or in connection with legal proceedings.

We will collect only information considered appropriate to ensure that our contact is as trouble free as possible. We will take all reasonable steps to keep the information accurate, up-to-date and secure against unauthorized access. Any personal information used by us will be retained for a period of six years, to allow you a reasonable opportunity to contact us regarding our collection and use of such information. We will periodically review the personal information collected to ensure that it is still required to meet our objectives. Any unnecessary personal information will be disposed of promptly, except as prescribed by law.

You should be aware that identifiable personal information, such as names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses, which you may voluntarily provide to other businesses and organizations which have links on our website could be collected and disclosed by those businesses and organizations. Although such disclosure would be in contravention of the M.B. Personal Information Protection Privacy Act, and would therefore be unlikely to occur, ESTC Inc. cannot take responsibility for such collection and disclosure.

It is our intention to periodically review and up-date our Privacy Policy to ensure that it meets the needs of both our operation and you. We, therefore, reserve the right to amend our Privacy Policy and will provide you with notice by posting it on our website at the earliest opportunity. If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy or the collection and use of your personal information, or if you wish to have your personal information deleted, or if you have a complaint, please contact us at Any person making such a request will be required to provide identification sufficient to prevent accidental, unauthorized access or disclosure of personal information. 

This privacy statement is effective as of February 1, 2015, Eastman Safety Training Centre all rights reserved.

By registering for a course online, you agree to receive email updates from us (e.g., changes to course location, time, etc.). Your personal information will not be shared at any other time with any other party but may be used to contact you once your certification expires, or to inform you about other courses we offer that may be of interest to you.

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please contact ESTC Inc. prior to registering for your course.

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