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Courses provided by ICSOS Inc.

Firsthand Exposure

Our courses are designed with the backing of 19 years of service as a Search and Rescue Technician (SARTech) with the Royal Canadian Air Force rescuing victims in remote wilderness survival situations, as well as instructing Survival Evasion Resistance Escape training to the Canadian Forces and allied militaries. Those years of witnessing the reality of individuals and groups doing their best to survive while waiting for rescue strongly informs the content of our courses. To learn more, check us out.

Knowledge with Experience.

And we don’t mean camping. Our instructors are professionals with a variety of backgrounds within and relating to the outdoor industry. They are highly trained, world class professionals with unique skillsets and a desire to pass on their knowledge to you. Check out our instructor biographies and decide for yourself.

Effective Survival Techniques – for you!

Our survival training is based on RCAF doctrine and operational SARTech experience. We study the lessons learned and written through years of bitter experience from many poor souls. We teach passive techniques that will provide the greatest return on effort. We keep it simple and easy; we’re not practicing bushcraft or primitive living skills (though they are great skills to have). We want you to be prepared for any situation or environment, with whatever equipment you may (or may not) have. This is no nonsense, practical, straightforward survival training. You want to go home, we want to help make that happen.

Progressive Learning

Our training program is a graduated learning process that develops from a base of knowledge to demonstration, practice, confirmation, and reinforcement of the skills. Our program understands you can’t learn all these skills in a weekend, yet each course will build your abilities and confidence to push through and travel the wilderness safely.


It’s not enough to say “survive”, life doesn’t happen that way. Within our courses all of our training is scenario-based for you to learn from and test your skills. Our past-experience and wide knowledge base allows us to tailor scenarios to be as realistic as possible. Further, our field program is conducted “in the field”, not in our backyard or the local park. We are licensed with Manitoba Conservation to train in the wilderness on Crown Land. This allows us to use the full spread of resources in the bush, follow the survival pattern, and complete our tasks, skills, and challenges in their entirety.


If your life is at risk, you’re already in a survival emergency. For all the training we conduct, our goal is survival, but it is not our purpose: safety is the foundation of our course content and our course management. All of our instructors are certified in Advanced Wilderness First Aid at a minimum, and have additional certifications as applicable (check out those Instructor Bio’s). Through risk management, safety briefings, standard operating procedures, emergency plans, education, the provision of necessary safety equipment, progressive training, frequent checks on weather and other environmental conditions we will help keep you safe while you learn. (You may also remember: we have career SARTechs on staff.)


Unfortunately, there is no “industry standard” for survival instruction (in fact, the only thing two Survival Instructors will agree on is that the third instructor is wrong!). However we feel confident in our courses and instruction that’s backed by all of the above that we will provide you certification in each step of your journey.

Equipment & Fees

There’s not much of it: some you bring, the rest we provide – free of charge. There’s no additional fees for our courses, nor do we sell any “branded” products. This is wilderness survival, not business survival (though we hope we’ll survive as a business for years to come!).

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